Monday, December 21, 2009

What is on its way out .... and what is on its way in!

I have been reading 21 things that became obsolete this decade by The Business Insider. These things include:
  • PDAs - the Palm Pilot has been replaced by the smartphone.
  • Dial-up internet connections.
  • Getting film developed - now everything is digital.
  • Movie rental stores, VCRs, CDs and record shops - now you can download just about anything from iTunes!
  • Maps - now we just use GPS.
  • Newspaper classifieds - thanks to eBay.
  • A landline and public pay phones - everyone has a mobile.
  • Long distance phone charges - thanks Skype!
  • Fax machines
  • Phone books, dictionaries and encyclopaedias.
  • Backing up data on CDs - now we use external hard drives or Dropbox.
  • Getting bills in the mail - everything is electronic.
  • Paper - most communication is now conducted online.

But what about the next 10 years? Well according to the TeachPaperless website the following changes will occur in education:
  • Out will go desks, language labs, books, lockers and paper.
  • In will come individualised computing via handhelds.
  • The concept of homework will be replaced by 24/7 learning.
  • Digital portfolios will replace standardised tests as a way of getting into university.
  • There will be more emphasis on differentiation and personalised learning.
  • The traditional role of the IT department will change - it will become the place where real change is instigated in schools.
  • Professional development will change as PLNs become more powerful.
  • Parent-teacher conferences will be unnecessary as parents will always be able to access what their students are doing online.
Exciting times ahead!

Photo Credit: Towards the Back by Kim Cofino (superkimbo in BKK). This photo is of the Elementary School Learning Hub in the International School of Bangkok, Thailand.

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  1. I was just thinking today (as I sat in the library for staff devotional) that I will probably never open another encyclopedia. They are so outdated that to look there for information seems silly. I was remembering that the encyclopedia was always my first stop when I had any sort of research project to do. A lot has changed! I am so looking forward to what the next 10 years will hold for education. My favorite on the list is 24/7 learning. What a beautiful day that will be! In with the new :)