Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Change of View

As we are now at the end of January I decided to change the banner at the top of the blog. I thought I'd put a different Swiss scene at the top of each month, showing our changing views throughout the year. I heard from the school caretaker that we are now getting an extra 4 minutes of light every day and I know that soon the dark days will be behind us. Although we are still in the winter season, it's good to know that spring is around the corner. From a technology point of view I'm hoping that the brighter days will inspire teachers to take a new look at what they are doing and become risk takers, trying more new things out. A change of view is good for us all.


  1. I love the idea of changing your banner image with the changing seasons. We will all live vicariously through your beautiful pictures!

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  3. Thanks! Switzerland is such a beautiful country and I am happy to be able to show a little bit of this experience in the photos.