Saturday, March 20, 2010

Learning with my students: Grade 7 MYP Technology (part 4)

This week the kites were mostly finished - we have some amazing shapes and sizes and a variety of different materials being used with varying degrees of success. By the end of Friday afternoon some of the students were even ready to go outside and test them so that they could then make modifications to their designs.

One of our students used cling-film as the material on her kite, wrapped around a balsa wood frame. She was not very confident when she left the room, but within minutes she was back beaming - but holding a broken kite. "It flew really well" she told us excitedly, "much better than I'd expected .... but when it came down it bashed into Henry and broke". She immediately set to with repairing the damage and strengthening it.

A couple of the girls who had made kites out of paper and bamboo had the time to decorate their kites - most however had to make do with the basic materials they had chosen. Next Friday is a half day - there is no MYP technology lesson on Friday afternoon as the students all go home at lunchtime for the Easter break. Therefore we will have to wait until after the holidays to go and fly our kites and then evaluate which were the most successful designs. I can hardly wait!!


  1. Trail and error and then BEAMING students! An incredible learning experience for all and the pride of a job well done. I look forward to hearing more stories of successful learning.

  2. An exciting project. Trial and error is what makes us appreciate when it all goes right! Your students all seem to have enjoyed this inquiry.