Friday, March 26, 2010

We're on the Tech Train and it's moving forwards

Today was the second session of Techie Breakies and I decided this morning to focus on blogging. Before we got onto that we had a recap of the previous session where I introduced Twitter. Only one of the teachers who comes to Techie Breakies had used Twitter before - she has been tweeting since September and she talked about how she has her own Twitter account and now she has one for her students too. She spoke about the people she follows and the ones who follow her.

We then got onto blogging as a form of professional reflection and looked at how to set up a blog.  Everyone signed up for a Blogger account.

Over the holidays when teachers have a bit of time to relax and play with both Blogger and Twitter I'm hoping that they will come to see how useful both these tools are.  When we are back at school again I want to show them how they can use both these tools to connect with other educators worldwide and how this can lead to their students collaborating and creating with students around the globe.

I had hoped to get onto Google Reader today, but unfortunately the time went too fast.  I realise it's better to stick to just one or two things and do them really well, rather than inundate our teachers with many new things that they might find overwhelming.

For future sessions I also want to show them some Web 2.0 tools that they can use with their students.  Some of my favourites include Bitstrips, Xtranormal, Prezi, VoiceThread and Glogster.  I can also see possibilities with Zimmertwins.

I'm excited to be able to do these sessions and after the holidays I'll be raring to go with the next one!

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  1. How exciting to have everyone learning about Twitter and Blogger. Even if they don't use it straight away, the foundation will be there when they do have the time to explore.