Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You can't go full tilt all the time

One of the great things about teaching, I think, is that you get regular holidays. I know that some people who are not in education often joke about how lucky we are to be only working "part time". Gosh! If only they knew the amount of hours we put in after work, in the evenings, weekends and also during those holidays! The hours certainly add up to more than a 40 hour working week!

Sometimes as a teacher I feel a bit like a piece of elastic - I feel I am being stretched all the time and even when I feel there is nothing left to give, usually I can manage to stretch a little more. However I also know that it's possible to stretch too far - I have seen colleagues who have become "burnt out" as a result of taking on too much. The secret is to stretch and grow, but not break - and that is why it is necessary to have our holidays. They are a time to relax back into ourselves again and to reflect on what we have accomplished.

This week I've been in Spain. I didn't take my computer. I didn't use my phone to access my email as I wanted to have a complete break from work, but I did do lots of thinking about how far I have come this school year in my new job. For me, it has been a good experience to look back for a change, instead of always looking forward.

Photo Credit: Colorful Rubber Bands by Tanakawho

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  1. Good for you for taking a real break. That can be hard for teachers to do. I find it difficult to turn off and just relax. Being a teacher is a part of who we are, it doesn't quit just because we aren't in the school building.