Thursday, October 7, 2010

Be Different .... Teach Different

There are a lot of really sad comments in this movie, but for me the saddest of all is:  I want to keep my mouth shut and wait to become an administrator.  I write this particularly because some of the best administrators I have known are those who have spoken up and spoken out for what they believe in, and who have supported and encouraged their staff.

Thank goodness there have been some great administrators in my life who have believed in me and have helped and encouraged me to grow as a person.  Thank you to Paul, who encouraged me to move into primary school, thank you to Linda and Frans who encouraged me to publish my Grade 6 students' work on the web, even when we didn't have an internet connection at school,  thank you to Lesley who encouraged me to become an IT teacher and to Ed who sent me to Project Zero and to Adrian who encouraged me to think one more time about teaching IB Geography.  And thank you to all the administrators and teachers who were truly my friends and who encouraged me to open my mouth and to be me!

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  1. Thank you to all the exceptions to these rules, teachers and administrators!