Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't lower the goal - increase your support

Over the years I've learnt a lot from mountain climbers, and one of the ones I've learnt the most from is  Jim Hayhurst Sr who was the oldest member of the 1988 Canadian Expedition to Mount Everest.  In his book, The Right Mountain, Jim talks about pitons - the metal spikes that climbers bang into the rocks to give them support.

Jim talks about the pitons in our lives - our support systems (knowledge, technology and people) and about taking the time to make sure we are secure.  He asks:  do we update our technical skills frequently?  Do we read and keep up to date with information relating to our jobs?  Jim says that on the mountain, if your pitons are not secure, you fall and die and tells us:
There is hardly anything you can't do if you have, and you nurture, the proper support systems.  Don't lower the goal, increase your support.

Photo Credit:  Photo of Juliano Magalhaes climbing RJ/Barrinha, Brazil by Ricardo Cosme 

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