Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Motivate, Challenge and Empower

I've been thinking again about our mission statement and I've decided I like the words motivate, challenge and empower better than respect, motivate, achieve.

Both contain the words motivate which must be the cornerstone of what we are doing at school, stimulating our students' interests or enthusiasm, but let's look at the other words.  Respect is to admire someone as a result of their abilities, qualities or achievements and to have due regard for feelings, wishes, rights or traditions.  Achieve is to reach or attain by effort or skill.  Of course I think these are great qualities, but in some way I find them a bit passive.  Let's contrast these words with challenge - to invite  students to do something difficult, and empower - to make them stronger and more confident.

What do our students most need to be successful once they leave school - respect for the achievements of others, to be able to use their efforts and skills to achieve something for themselves, or to be enthusiastic, strong and confident to take on things that are difficult?

Photo Credit:  Warrior by Sebastien Bertrand

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  1. Wonderful changes Maggie. Words are important, especially when talking about mission. Empower and challenge seem to be more fitting for what schools should be striving for.