Friday, January 7, 2011

Different Leadership

I'm a member of The Educator's PLN and this week on their website I came across this Prezi by Jennifer Angel based on the book What Great Principals Do Differently:  The Fifteen Things That Matter Most by Todd Whittaker.  As I was looking this through, I was asking myself how this could apply to me in my position as a team leader and while obviously all these 15 things are important these are the two I feel I would like to work on myself:

#12 Understand high achievers - ignore minor errors, provide autonomy and recognition.  There are some teachers who are way ahead of the pack with their thinking and use of IT.  Some of these teachers are so enthusiastic that I realise that I'm spending more time with them than perhaps some of the other teachers in their teams - this is because I get energised by their enthusiasm.  I feel I need to provide them with more autonomy and recognition, perhaps by encouraging them to take on more of a leadership role in their grades so that they are the people others turn to.  It would be great to have some more formal way of recognising their drive and achievements too.

#8 Focus on behaviour then focus on beliefs - a change in behaviour naturally leads to a change in beliefs.  I think that our teachers are living proof of that.  We changed a lot in the past year, for example introducing a flexible schedule (behaviour) which eventually led to teachers wanting to use the IT more with their students because they could see how much it was transforming the learning (beliefs).  Once teachers see that something works, then they believe in it.

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