Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ICT in the PYP - Be Responsible Digital Citizens (part 2)

Being responsible digital citizens is one of the 6 strands of ICT in the PYP. This strand is defined in the following way:
Being a responsible digital citizen involves making ethical and informed choices while acting with integrity and honesty when using ICT. In a globally connected digital world, learners are empowered to be responsible for their actions, to value others’ rights and to practice safe and legal behaviours.
I've been doing a bit of reading about what is involved in being a responsible digital citizens and came across this article on the Digital Citizenship website:

  1. Digital access: fair access to technology - to become productive citizens we need full electronic participation in society.
  2. Digital commerce:  the electronic buying and selling of goods - we need to learn how to be effective consumers in the digital economy.
  3. Digital communication: the electronic exchange of information - we need to be able to make appropriate decisions when communicating online.
  4. Digital literacy: learning about technology and the use of technology - in the information age we need to be able to search for and process information effectively and learn how to use new technologies.
  5. Digital etiquette:  we need to follow appropriate standards of conduct for using technology.
  6. Digital law:  we need to behave in ethical ways and be responsible for our actions online.
  7. Digital rights and responsibilities:  we have the rights of privacy and free speech and we are responsible for using technology responsibly so that everyone has these freedoms.
  8. Digital health and wellness:  we need to be taught how to protect ourselves both physically and psychologically in the digital world.
  9. Digital security:  we need to protect our data and equipment.
The Digital Citizenship website contains a large number of links to publications and other resources useful for teachers and parents.

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