Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Teach the Teachers

Todd Whitaker's book has been around for quite a while now, but today I dipped into it through Google Books and a couple of videos on the Eye on Education channel of You Tube.  I think the idea presented here is an interesting one - that the way to improve a school is to hire better teachers and to improve the ones that are there, and that therefore a major role of a great principal is to teach the teachers.

Reflecting on this I feel it also applies to my role in coaching or mentoring teachers in their use of technology.  I feel compared with my job in previous schools, I am focusing too much at the moment on teaching the students, some of whom will move on, and not enough time on helping the teachers, who will still be here, to become more independent users of the technology as part of their teaching.  I feel that I need to shift the emphasis rather more onto supporting the teachers, and I am wondering how best I should be doing this, and even more importantly, how I should find the time (and how they would also find the time) in our busy days to do this.

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