Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Using IT for Assessment: For Learning, As Learning, Of Learning

About a year ago I wrote a post about Assessment FOR learning -v- Assessment OF learning.  Recently I dipped into the new document from the Toronto District School Board on ICT Standards entitled Digital Learning for Kindergarten to Grade 12.  This important document deals with the importance of integrating ICT into the curriculum and has been guided by the ISTE NETS for Students, Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and the Human Resources and Social Development Canada government department.  The document deals with ICT standards, curricular connections, resources and a skills continuum.  What I found really interesting was how ICT can be incorporated into all areas of assessment and evaluation.

Assessment FOR Learning - At the beginning of a unit teachers collect information about what their students already know and decide what they need to know.  This type of assessment is also referred to as diagnostic.  IT can be used for this type of assessment, for example using online surveys or clickers.  The results can be used to let the teachers know where they need to start the unit or to come up with provocations into the unit.  A little later in the unit, assessment can be used formatively in order to provide feedback aimed at improving achievement.  Suggestions for this include online quizzes, simulations such as virtual worlds and tutorials.

Assessment AS Learning - This is a new type of formative assessment for me.  It involves students monitoring their own learning by setting goals and reflecting on feedback from teachers and other students to determine where to go next with the learning.  Suggestions for this include blogs, audio and video files.

Assessment OF Learning - This type of assessment is often referred to as summative assessment or evaluation.  Often IT can be used to create good summative assessments such as movies or podcasts.  In this case it's possible to assess the students' understanding of the content, as well as the students' IT skills.

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