Saturday, October 29, 2011

Camera or Phone?

Throughout this year I've been trying out different apps on my iPhone and contrasting this with the photos I've been able to take on my camera.  A few months ago I posted about different panorama apps and which one I found the best (I currently use AutoStitch the most).  Now I thought it was time to compare our Canon Ixux cameras with the iPhone.  My favourite iPhone app is Pro HDR - I find the photos I take on it are more closely matching what the eye sees than the camera.  So here are the two photos I took this evening as the sun was going down over the lake.  The camera allowed me to zoom in more on the boat, but I still think the colours on the iPhone were much truer to reality - Pro HDR actually takes two photos which seems to balance our the light and dark parts of the photo and to adjust better to the light when taking the photo into the sun.

Photo taken on camera

Photo taken in the same place a few seconds later using Pro HDR on the iPhone

I'm almost at the stage of thinking I don't really need a camera anymore and am wishing we had a few of the new iTouches so that we could try out different photo apps on them with our students - our ones unfortunately don't have a camera on them.  With our youngest students I think they would find Pro HDR too hard as they would have to keep completely still while the two photos were being taken.  For them I guess a point and shoot camera is still the best.  For our Grade 4s doing their How We Express Ourselves unit of inquiry, though, I'd like to experiment with some iTouches and compare them with the photos they can take using the class sets of cameras.

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