Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Another reflection based on The Element by Sir Ken Robinson:

Being in the element, especially being in the zone, doesn't take energy away from you - it gives it to you.  This is also our mental or psychic energy.  It is not a fixed substance but rises and fills with our passion and commitment to what we are doing at the time.  Being in your element is empowering because it's a way of unifying our energies.  it's a way of feeling deeply connected with our own sense of identity and it comes about through a sense of relaxing, of feeling perfectly natural to be doing what you're doing.  It's a profound sense of connecting to your own internal pulse or energy.  When we connect with our own energy we're more open to the energy of other people.  The more alive we feel, the more we can contribute to the lives of others.  Being in the zone is about using your particular kind of intelligence in an optimal way.

Reflection:  as teachers isn't it important for us to be in our element, so that we can contribute to our students' energies and help them find their element?

Photo Credit:  Fluid Painting Explosion by Mark Chadwick AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works 

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