Monday, February 27, 2012

Karma: coming full circle

Thirty years ago, when I was working on an adult health education project in India, I decided I'd like to become a teacher of children.  Since then I've worked in 4 more countries as a teacher, both in state and international schools.  I've moved from being a secondary teacher to being a primary teacher, from being a single subject teacher to being a homeroom teacher and then back to being a (different) single subject teacher again.  Along the way I've taken on various positions of responsibility and been involved in tremendous professional development myself, as well as providing support, coaching, mentoring and PD to other teachers I've worked with.  Now I feel I've come full circle:  I'm returning to the country where it all started as I've accepted an exciting new job on a wonderful new campus of ASB that is being constructed in Mumbai.  I am thrilled by this new opportunity to completely redefine 21st century education, but above all I have a profound feeling of karma - I have gone full circle and come back to where I started.

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