Saturday, April 21, 2012

The nerve centre for information

In my first 2 years in my current school I didn't have a desk or a special place to work.  I spent most of my first year sitting at a windowsill and my second year sitting on the corner of a student desk in one of the labs.  Sometime late in the second year our lovely librarian offered me the chance to share her desk - she sits on one side of it and I sit on the other.  It's really done a lot to bring us together as a single department and the conversations we've had as a result of this daily interaction have moved our ideas of information literacy forward.

Seth Godin's most retweeted blog post is the one entitled "The Future of the Library".  In this post he refers to the library as being the local nerve center for information - something that is vital for the information economy of today.  He writes about the library as:
A place where people come together and do co-working and to coordinate and invent projects worth working on together, aided by a librarian ... who can bring to bear domain knowledge and people knowledge to access information.
What a great description of the role of the library and librarian!

Photo Credit:  This photos of Mitchell Library, Sydney was taken by Christopher Chan, 2008  AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works

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