Saturday, July 28, 2012

Inspire, Empower, Courage, Dreams

One of the activities we did during orientation was to look at the school's mission statement which had 4 words blanked out.  These words were important - we had to decide what they were and why they were so important.  They are such strong words, especially when compared to other mission statements I've come across.  There was no emphasis on academic achievement per se,  the focus was more on service to others.  Inspiration is something very active, it's much stronger than motivation.  Here is the mission statement:

We inspire all of our students to continuous inquiry, empowering them with the skills, courage, optimism, and integrity to pursue their dreams and enhance the lives of others.

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  1. I was struck by this discussion too, Maggie. In my reading this evening I came across this blog post that I thought related well to our mission statement:

    1. Thanks for sharing this Tim. I was having a discussion about the difference between individualized learning and personalized learning yesterday with Dave and how this relates to our school goals. This post is a really useful resource for understanding these differences.