Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Painting the Walls

My new school has a brand new campus - and when we first moved in just 7 weeks ago it's fair to say things looked a little bare.  Not any more!  The students have painted the most remarkable paintings and I wanted to share them here as their inspiration came from some famous artists or styles of art.  I should add that these paintings are HUGE - they cover an entire wall in the lobby area on each floor of the new building and they have been worked on for many hours by every student in the grade.

The Grade 5s produced this amazing Zentangle

The Grade 4s made Pop Art

The Grade 3s were inspired by Vincent van Gogh's impressionist style of painting

Grade 2 students painted this in the Pointillist style of George Seurat

Grade 1 students were inspired by Jackson Pollock

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