Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The amazing things that 2nd graders are curious about

We are now into week two of the Curiosity Project with our 2nd Graders.  Having thought about what curiosity is, and found out about some teachers at school who have followed their passions, the students have started to narrow down the things that they are curious about and want to find out more about.  I'm constantly amazed by the minds of primary children - how much they want to know about some very complex subjects.  Here are some examples:

First I wanted to learn about the sun, but then I figured out that my thoughts about the sun came from my brain and that all thinking comes from the brain too. This is why I want to study about the brain. (Herman)

How do cheerleaders do the splits in air?  How do they learn to tumble and do back flips? (Ashlynn)

I'm going to learn what buoyancy is because I want to know why the Dead Sea is so buoyant. I am going to test  how much salt is needed to float a dozen eggs. (Reza)

I think I might choose how text messages, telephones and the internet work. (Mya)

Next week Grade 2 are going to have a Curiosity Project Breakfast Party.  Parents have been invited so that they can work with their child and support their child's investigation.  At the party parents will help students to gather information from the internet and books, and they can help their children to design experiments and create interview scripts so that the students can interview experts.  These experts are members of the ASB community, their families and friends who are knowledgeable about the topics that the students have chosen.

The Curiosity Project is unfolding extremely well.  I'm looking forward to the breakfast party!

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  1. I think that their inquisitive nature are wonderful as it is the basis for much due learning. Their open minds we should nurture about the wonderful things we can explain with knowledge and logic. Maybe someday, Reza could see for herself the Dead Sea on how effortless it is to float there.