Tuesday, November 6, 2012

BYOD2 - the prototype begins

Yesterday we started our BYOD2 prototype in Grade 4.  Out of 19 students on one Grade 4 class, 16 of them brought in a second device.  These are the devices we are working with right now:

5 students brought in an iPod Touch
1 student brought an iPhone4
2 students brought in an iPad1 - one also brought a camera too
4 students brought an iPad2
1 student brought an iPad3
2 students brought a KindleFire
1 student brought a Samsung Galaxy

Yesterday I had this class for Independent Studies.  So far this year students have identified a topic, written questions, identified keywords, searched for information and we are now at the point of synthesizing and paraphrasing their findings.  I was interested to see how students did this with 2 devices.  What I noticed was that many propped up their second device on the desk and used it to access websites they had stored in their Resources List on Destiny.  They then used their laptops to add information into their Google Doc.

Today I was sent the following infographic about how parents and children use smartphones.  I thought it was interesting to add here, as we are also exploring the value of a second device to support learning.

How Parents & Children Actually Use Smartphones
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  1. Hi Maggie,

    I hope your are loving Mumbai! So if I'm reading this right (and apologies if you've explained this on a previous post), the BYOD program is limited to secondary devices and the school still provides the primary device (laptops) to all students? I'm intrigued by this and look forward to following it in the future. Hopefully I can see it in person at ASB 2014!

    1. Hi Clint, our BYOD runs from Grade 4 upwards. At the moment in grades 4 and 5 students choose to participate, while students in grades 6 and upwards have to bring their own device. If a student in grade 4 or 5 does not bring a device then the school provides one. All of these devices must be laptops. What this prototype is investigating is the value of a second BYOD. Second devices can be smartphones, tablets and so on. Students in the prototype are therefore bringing 2 devices: a laptop and another device.