Friday, March 22, 2013

Digging deeper into Design Thinking

After yesterday's post I wanted to read a little more about the design process.  All my notes below are based on reading further in Design Thinking for Education, which has a creative commons license.

What is discovery?  How can you encourage it?

  • Open up to new opportunities
  • Be inspired to create new ideas
  • Share what you know so you can build on it and can focus on discovering what you don't yet know.
  • Create a strong team by drawing on different people and putting effort into understanding their skills and motivations
  • Learn from multiple people's perspectives and explore the unfamiliar
  • "Inspiration is the fuel for your ideas"
What is ideation?  How can you use it?
  • Brainstorm to generate lots of ideas
  • Encourage wild ideas which often spark visionary thoughts
What is experimentation?  How do you bring ideas to life?
  • Make ideas tangible by building prototypes
  • Learn while building
  • Share your ideas

What areas in school could benefit from design thinking?
  • Building a community
  • Transportation to and from school including pickups and dropoffs
  • Communication within the school and with parents
  • Different learning styles
  • Different abilities
  • The school cafeteria
  • Professional development
  • Assessments
  • School schedules
  • Using the learning spaces
Photo Credit: Krissy.Venosdale via Compfight cc

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