Friday, August 2, 2013

Red, yellow, green or blue?

Last week my son was talking to me about a personality test he had done at work.  He described this as a 4 colour test, and I was curious because recently we have been talking at school about different characteristics of teams which we called north, south, east and west.  I wondered if there was any similarity between the two.  Joal explained to me that he is a "red" personality, but that recently he has tried to move more towards the centre.  The colours are arranged in 4 quadrants along 2 lines - the horizontal one is to do with how direct or indirect you are with feeling on the left and thinking on the right, and the vertical axis range is between open and self contained with introversion at the top and extroversion at the bottom.  Since I couldn't find a copyright free image showing this I made my own.

The colours seemed to me to match quite well with the compass points characteristics.  "Red" people would seem to be north with a "let's go for it" attitude, "yellow" people with a focus on creation and vision would seem to match with the east "big picture" people, "greens" are people persons who focus on getting everyone onboard and therefore match with the south characteristics and "blue" people are attentive to details, facts and methodologies which would tend to match with west.

When I read through the descriptors I first of all put myself into the red quadrant.  This is because recently I've been told I'm free spirited and spontaneous.  I think I'm fairly adventurous too.  "Red" people are basically results focused and want to get things done.  This seems to match perfectly with my "north" personality.  However I decided I'd go ahead and take the quiz anyway.  The results were surprising!  It came out with blue above all else, and red was actually my lowest score.

What this means:
They are fun loving. They live for the moment. They like bright things and happy people. They like to follow strong leadership as long as the leaders treat them nicely. They love a sense of humor in someone. They are very spontaneous. They are not very mindful of being on time. They are forgetful. They spend their money freely (don’t save much at all). They love to travel and have adventures. They love to be outside in the sunshine. They love being social and meeting new people. 
 I actually agree with most of this, and I notice the word spontaneous is in there too.

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