Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Focus on your strengths - part 2

Having recently completed the Gallup StrengthsFinder analysis, I'm now thinking of how to apply these strengths.  The report that comes with the survey suggests many ways in which to build on your "signature strengths".  My 5 strengths are as follows:

Learner - no surprises here as I'm constantly wanting to learn and improve myself.  The report highlights that it is the process of learning rather than the outcome that is exciting (I agree).  Because of this I have little difficulty in giving intense effort to projects.  Here are the suggestions for application of the Learner strength:
  • be a catalyst for change - willingness to soak up newness can calm others' fears and spur them to action
  • shift your career towards a field with constantly changing technologies (already done!)
  • you might excel in a consulting role in which you go into new situations and pick up new competencies (I would love to do this)
  • when people have the opportunity to learn and grow they are more productive and loyal (definitely true of me) - look for ways to measure the degree to which you and others feel that your learning needs are being met to create individualized learning milestones and to reward achievements in learning (busy with this - thinking about Open Badges).
Input - a craving to know more and to collect and archive all kinds of information - again a very accurate description of me.  The survey also picked up that I welcome opportunities to think out loud about ideas and to keep abreast of the news, or in my case anything new.  Here are the suggestions for application of the Input strength:
  • look for jobs in which you are charged with acquiring new information each day (I have such a job)
  • identify ways to share information with individuals and groups who can benefit from your knowledge
  • leverage the knowledge and turn it into action.
Achiever - I have a great deal of stamina and work hard.  I like to complete work on schedule and pursue goals until they are reached.  I'm a good advisor to many individuals and I enjoy launching new initiatives.  To apply this strength further:
  • select jobs that allow you to have leeway to work as hard as you want and in which you am encouraged to measure my own productivity
  • build celebration and recognition into my life as you tend to move onto the next challenge without acknowledging your success
  • the prospect of what lies ahead is infinitely more motivating than what has been completed - launch initiatives and new projects as your endless reserve of energy will create enthusiasm and momentum
Intellection - I read avidly and like to ponder what I have read, and I acquire knowledge more easily when I can talk with others about ideas.  To move forward with this strength:
  • deliberately build relationships with people who are "big thinkers"
  • take time to write as this is the best way to crystallize and integrate my thoughts
Connectedness - this was the one I felt was least like me.  However I do agree with the description of being able to welcome a wide array of people into my life.  To develop this strength I need to seek out global or cross-cultural responsibilities which again is really interesting to me.

The process of identifying my strengths has been an interesting one, and I will certainly delve deeper into the various suggestions.  Reflecting one year on from my move to India, I feel I am in a place where these strengths are valued and where I am encouraged to develop them further.  What a difference a year makes!

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