Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Learning by Making

In the summer, I did a pre-conference on making.  It was a great day of hands-on learning.  Since returning to school we have also set up a Maker Space in the Elementary school.  I went and took some photographs of this space last week as a friend in another school asked me about this - he is wanting to set up a Maker Space in his school too.

Recently I was reading through the Open University Innovative Pedagogy 2013 report.  This report looks at 10 innovations that have not yet had a profound impact on education but are likely to transform it.  The report states:
Maker culture encourages informal, shared social learning focused on the construction of artifacts ranging from robots and 3D-printed models to clothing and more traditional handicraft.  Maker culture emphasizes experimentation, innovation and the testing of theory through practical self-directed tasks.  It is characterized by playful learning and encourages both the acceptance of risk taking (learning by making mistakes) and rapid iterative development.  Feedback is provided through immediate testing, personal reflection and peer validation.
Take a look at our space.  I think we will be able to make a lot of things here!

Photo Credit: Niels Linneberg via Compfight cc

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