Monday, October 21, 2013

Technology changes what we teach and how we teach it

I got a tweet today from Vic Gecas (@vgecas) from the International School of Singapore, someone who knew I was interested in TPACK.  This tweet contained a link to a Keynote made by Punya Mishra at the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong last year.  I found the Keynote extremely interesting, and I enjoyed the mashup he shared at the end that he had made several years earlier in response to a commercial about education.  He called it Explore, Create Share.

One point Professor Mishra made during the Keynote is that we don't know where our explorations and creations will take us.  A little less than 4 years ago I decided to explore my thinking about technology and pedagogy, and I decided to do it by creating a blog and reflecting publicly on my experiences in order to share with others and learn with and from them.  This is my 900th post and my blog has been read by almost half a million people around the world.  These people have simply found it through others, because I never publicize the blog on social networks.  I'm very happy I decided to start sharing my thoughts and I couldn't agree more:  technology changes what we teach and how we teach it.  In those few years it has also transformed my life - taking me from rural Switzerland to one of the most dynamic schools in the world in the heart of the busy metropolis of Mumbai.  A few years ago I couldn't even have imagined having such a perfect job that encouraged so much personal and professional growth.  Life changes, and every day I am grateful to those educators who encouraged me to explore, create and share.  Thank you all!

Professor Punya Mishra from Michigan State University is rated as one of the ten most influential people in educational technology in the United States.

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