Sunday, November 10, 2013

ASB's first Maker Faire

Today we held ASB's first Maker Faire - next weekend we will hold the second one.  The morning started with Gary Stager making a brief introduction to the various stations and kits that were set up around the MPH on the secondary campus.  This was a day for parents to work with their children on making.  There were teachers and R&D team members available to help if necessary, but mostly we hoped that the kids and parents would figure things out by themselves, and we could take a back seat.

This brings me to what Gary writes is the main work of teacher: learning about their students.  He writes:
A teacher who is mindful and involved with student work without being the center of attention can teach without lecturing.  Teacher roles in the constructionalist classroom include:
Ethnographer - finding out what children already know
Documentatarian - collecting evidence of learning that makes the invisible thinking of children visible
Studio manager - making appropriate tools, materials and resources available so children can make their ideas come to life
Wise leader - guide children's inquiry towards big ideas without coercion
So today we were studio managers - and a great time was had by all!

Photo Credit: flickingerbrad via Compfight cc

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