Friday, April 25, 2014

I see, I think, I wonder

For the past couple of days at ASB we have hosted 27 new teachers.  Now the interesting thing about this is that these new teachers are not due to start until the end of July, but for many years ASB has run a new teacher institute where we fly all these newbies out in April in order to help them transition into ASB.  It's just one more way in which this school is remarkable.  An all expenses paid trip where new teachers are introduced to the school and to life in India.

Over the past few days we have introduced these new teachers to ASB's culture of learning, Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and the ISTE standards which they could use when looking at student work, and a student tech "bill of rights".  We have taken them on apartment tours, taken then out for social events, introduced them to multicultural India and arranged a city tour.  They have met students who have talked about their work, attended speed geeking sessions with teachers where they have been introduced to new tools and skills, and met up with both professional and social buddies who will help them transition. Tomorrow these new teachers will present about their ideas of ASB as a professional learning community.

We did an activity with them about their thoughts so far - I've turned these into Wordles and have chosen my favourite quotes from their I see, I think, I wonder feedback.  Enjoy!

  • Engaged and knowledgeable students
  • Highly motivated and happy students
  • Students who are empowered, confident and proud of their work
  • Children using technology for authentic and rigorous learning
  • Articulate students who own their learning

  • It's exciting to become a part of this teaching and learning environment
  • This is a place where I will grow exponentially
  • Professional development is going to be redefined as something much more active for me
  • Students are intentional in making choices about sharing and reflecting on their learning
  • It is a product of teachers who are performing at the top of their game and who are effective in teaching their students not just content but also how to communicate about their learning
  • How it seems to run so smoothly?
  • How collaboration is built into the schedule?
  • How I will be able to integrate technology in a meaningful way so as to enable maximization of learning?
  • What tech skill teaching happens and who does it?
  • How to emulate this interaction between people of all ages and people with technology within my curriculum?

Welcome new teachers - I am proud to be part of ASB's teaching and learning community.

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