Monday, November 24, 2014

No correct answer

ASB hosted its 3rd Google Summit this weekend, with members of the EdTech Team flying in from Singapore and Australia.  While I will write several individual posts about the various subjects I attended, I wanted to write one to start with today sharing some of the resources from the Keynotes. The first one, from Patrick Green's The Relevant Teacher, is about how students are more creative when there is no right answer.

Here are some Tweets that followed this movie:

The message was a simple one:  Provide blank examplars to allow for creativity rather than carbon copies.    

The next video was also provided by Patrick.  It was made by one of his students.  This led to another Tweet:  "If we're not helping them to fly, we're clipping their wings."

We also heard from Jay Atwood who challenged us not just to walk the talk, but to talk the walk - to have students make their learning visible.  To have them work together and then talk about how they have worked and why.

It was a great weekend of learning.  I hope you enjoy these videos too.

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