Monday, November 17, 2014

Profile of a Modern School Leader

This week we are interviewing for the role of Assistant Superintendent for the next 3 years at ASB. Our leadership team already drew up a list of attributes about what we are looking for in a leader for the future.

As I was thinking over what we are looking for in our next Assistant Superintendent today, I saw this graphic posted by Edwin Lagos (@elag87) on Twitter.  I contacted Edwin to ask him whether this graphic was part of a blog post he had written.  His reply is that it was inspired by another infographic by Reid Wilson (@wayfaringpath) that had been posted on the COETAIL website.

As I considered the infographics by Edwin and Reid, it occurred to me that both involved a huge climate of trust.  Teachers will only step outside their comfort zone, take risks and allow themselves to fail, if they know that school leaders encourage a culture of innovation and motivate the community to take risks.  I love the way that "Trusts" is the biggest word on Edwin's infographic. Trust is also something that we talked a lot about in our recent cognitive coaching workshop.  The facets of trust, according to Tschannen-Moran in Trust Matters:  Leadership for Successful Schools are as follows:
  • Benevolence - caring, supporting teachers, expressing appreciation for efforts, being fair, guarding confidential information
  • Honesty - integrity, being truthful, honoring promises and agreements, having authenticity, accepting responsibility
  • Openness - communication, sharing important information, sharing decision making, sharing power
  • Reliability - being consistent and dependable, demonstrating commitment
  • Competence - setting an example, problem solving, conflict resolution, working hard, setting standards, buffering teachers, being flexible.
Below is a copy of Reid Wilson's infographic on the Profile of a Modern Teacher.  Click on the infographic to go to a larger version.

Are you a modern teacher or modern school leader?  What do you think are the most important attributes that you bring to your role?  Are there any others you could consider important in a school for the future?

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