Friday, February 13, 2015

Kindergarten students teach their parents to be makers

Our Kindergarten students recently finished their How The World Works unit of inquiry with a Maker Fair.  Throughout the unit students had been exploring the way materials behave and how people can use them.  It was decided that for the summative assessment we would set up a Maker Studio for the students to create a product that showed their understanding of types of materials and how they function.  Parents would be invited to come to the Maker Studio so that the children could showcase their work and teach their parents about becoming makers.  

This was a really engaging unit because the children wanted to work on their products for many days, making modifications to their original designs.  They sketched and thought about what they would need to turn their 2D ideas into 3D products, they listed the materials that they needed and tried different things out.  As they reflected on what they were doing, their constructions changed to incorporate the feedback they received from others.  At the Maker Fair the students had to explain the process they went through to make their creation, so promoting their communication skills.

Below is a short glimpse of our Maker Fair.  Enjoy!

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