Thursday, March 5, 2015

The impact of social media

In the final week of the IBO online workshop on Flipping Classrooms we discussed using social media in the classroom.  One of the participants shared a video that has been used by her IT department when introducing the power of social media to both teachers and students.  There are a lot of talking points that can come out of this video.

This is actually an advert for the Guardian which looks at how the story of the three little pigs might be covered today online and in print.  It has won various advertising awards for its storytelling.  Perhaps this is a good provocation that could be used to introduce a unit on the critical evaluation of messages presented in the media and our responsibilities when using virtual environments.  I'm thinking it could be an ideal resource for our central idea "Digital tools change the way in which people access information and connect to each other".

Photo Credit: mkhmarketing via Compfight cc

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