Monday, August 17, 2015

Becoming a curator: seek, sense, share

One of the things I like about Dan Pink's book To Sell Is Human is the sample cases he adds at the end of every chapter with suggestions we can use to develop our skills.  After his chapter on clarity, he adds suggestions for becoming an information curator, based on Beth Kanter's 3-step process.  Our challenge is no longer accessing information, now the big issue is to curate it.  Beth advocates:
  1. Seek:  Define the area in which you would like to curate and put together a list of the best sources of information.  Set aside time to scan these sources regularly - for example twice a day for 15 minutes each time.  Gather the most interesting items as you scan. These sources could be following a Twitter hashtag, or perhaps a group on Google+.
  2. Sense:  Create meaning out of the material you have assembled.  Perhaps you could add these links with annotations to a tool like Diigo, or pin to Pinterest.  Another suggestion could be to reflect on them on your blog.  Kanter's advice is to add to this list of resources every day.
  3. Share:  Once you have collected and organized resources, share these with your colleagues or your social network.  You could do this by email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, for example.
For more information about the 3-step process click here to go to Beth's blog.

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