Friday, February 5, 2016

Visionary Leadership

One of our aims in introducing a tech integration coaching programme (TIC) at ASB was to distribute tech leadership, to empower teachers to develop their leadership capacity to bring about change.  Because of this I have started looking at the ISTE-Cs as a way of evaluating how successful we have been in developing the leadership skills of our coaches.

As stated in the ISTE-C Standard 1a, it's important that we have a shared vision for technology integration.  At ASB this vision is for the purposeful, integrated use of technology tools to inspire creativity and innovation, support continuous inquiry, foster collaboration, enhance learning and achievement in all academic areas, and enable students to develop critical thinking skills, apply information literacy and manage complexity. This vision was constructed before we had TICs, but we feel it's important that they can communicate the vision and to help their colleagues to implement it.

Looking further in this standard, it's clear that our TICs are advocates for using technology to improve teaching and learning.  Often they need to initiate and manage change as we move towards a more student-led inquiry approach.  The standard describes how "excellent tech coaches are skillful change agents who help other educators see the need to adopt new tools and techniques."  Our TICs often need to provide instructional, technical and emotional support during these times of change.

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