Tuesday, February 28, 2017

From good to great to exceptional

At the close of our weekend PD at ASB, Head of School Craig Johnson shared an article with us about what makes an employee not just great but exceptional.  These 8 signs are interesting (and I need to think whether or not I agree with all of them) but in any case here they are:
  1. They think beyond job descriptions.  I was especially interested in this sign, as I've been applying for jobs recently in the hope of being able to move back to Europe to give more support to my family.  I have to say most job descriptions I've read have been pretty bland.  At one point I even suggested changing the job title to bring it more in line with the school's mission statement (needless to say I was not offered that job!)  The reason that this was included on the list was that people need to do whatever it takes to get things done, regardless of their actual title or job.
  2. They're quirky.  I liked this one as it also speaks a lot about the company/school.  I definitely want to work in a place where being different or unusual is something that is celebrated not beaten out of you.  Quirky people not only challenge the status quo with their ideas, they are also a lot of fun to work with.  Throughout my children's schooling they were both lucky to have a few quirky teachers - and they are the ones who really made an impact on them and who they remember to this day.
  3. They know when to rein in their individuality.  There are times when you need to pull back a bit to fit into a team i.e. there's a time and a place for being quirky and a time and a place for conforming - and exceptional employees know when this is.
  4. They praise others in public.  They recognize the contributions of others.
  5. They disagree in private.  This is the difference between being great and exceptional.  Great people often do bring up controversial subjects in group meetings, however exceptional employees discuss sensitive issues in private.
  6. They ask questions when others won't.  They speak up at meetings and often ask the questions that others are afraid to ask, and often raise important issues on behalf of others.
  7. They like to prove other people wrong.  When people doubt them or their abilities, they are determined to show everyone that they can do a good job.
  8. They are constantly exploring, and rarely satisfied.  They always want to be reworking, reworking or tweaking something.
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