Sunday, February 12, 2017

Leadership: a rank -v- a responsibility

Last week our Head of School, Craig Johnson, shared a video clip with us about Simon Senik's new book Leaders Eat Last.  Craig wrote:
Much of what Senik says (and much of what the book speaks to) is what we are about at ASB.
Although the clip is only 4 minutes long, there are some important points:
  • Leadership is a choice - to put others before yourself.
  • A leader is like a parent - we want our children/employees to achieve more than we have ourselves.
  • Leaders risk their own interests so that others may advance.
  • Trust and cooperation are feelings produced by the environment in which we are working - and that environment is created by the leaders.
  • When we feel our leaders have our interests in mind, we look out for each other; work harder, are more innovative, and give our best talents and ideas.
  • When times are tough - a great leader makes sure that each person suffers a little so that no one person has to suffer a lot.
  • Great leaders put people before numbers (heart-counts not head-counts)
  • The leader points to the direction in the distant future - we feel excited to participate when we are given ownership and responsibility for the mission. 

Photo Credit: Baron Reznik Flickr via Compfight cc

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