Saturday, July 8, 2017

A mindset for new initiatives

I'm currently participating in The Role of Technology PYP online course and today I've been thinking about mindsets.  When considering technology support and technology professional learning it can feel as if you are constantly trying to hit a moving target.  No sooner do teachers feel comfortable with one new tool or approach, then there is another one on the horizon ready to enhance or transform learning - this was the promise we were sold with IWBs, laptops and mobile devices and the one that we are now being told is about to happen with coding and STEAM.  So when thinking about introducing something new, it's important to think about the mindset of the teachers and administrators and to ask how open are they to change and new ideas.  There's no point in a technology teacher or leader being very gung-ho and setting off in one direction, only to find that the teachers are not ready to follow.

A great video about growth -v- fixed mindsets was shared as part of our online workshop and I'm sharing it again here.  The part for me that I find most interesting is that those with growth mindsets find inspiration from the success of others whereas those with fixed mindsets feel threatened by others' successes.  Today I'm thinking how to encourage a growth mindset and how best to support those teachers with more of a fixed mindset to become a little more open to the opportunities that technology can bring to them and their students.

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