Saturday, October 28, 2017

Creating a culture of innovation

More thoughts from The Innovator's Mindset:

George Couros writes that to create a culture of innovation you first have to focus on learning and growth, and he has a list of 8 things to look for in today's classroom that will help schools to achieve a culture of innovation:

  1. Voice - learning is social and co-constructing knowledge empowers learners
  2. Choice - students need input into how they learn and what they learn
  3. Reflection - it's important for learners to take the time to think about and understand what they are learning
  4. Opportunities for innovation - innovation shouldn't be a one-off or special event, but should become the norm
  5. Critical thinking - encouraging students to ask questions both about the information they are finding and also so that they are empowered to challenge the ideas of others to help everyone move forward
  6. Problem solvers/finders - students who find problems gain a sense of purpose in solving something authentic
  7. Self assessment - this can provide another opportunity for reflection, as students can assess themselves.  George writes, "I think we spend too much time documenting what students know and not enough time empowering them to invest in their own learning and helping them understand their strengths and areas of growth."
  8. Connecting - with experts and with an authentic audience.

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