Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Teaching -v- learning

I've often used the expression "teachers need to be the biggest learners" but only today did I consider how this relates to curriculum.  When I read the following quote from Seymour Papert it really made me think:
We don't allow the kids to have the experience of learning with the teacher because that's incompatible with the concept of the curriculum where what is being taught is what's already known.
The important word here for me is the word "with".  Many teachers don't see themselves as learners, they are delivering a body of knowledge, a set of standards, therefore their students are simply receiving the knowledge that is already there.  Once we reframe teachers as learners, alongside the students, it not only gives more agency to the students, it also gives more agency to the teachers, and it encourages the sort of shifts in thinking that can promote innovation.

Photo Credit: Kathy Cassidy Flickr via Compfight cc

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