Saturday, January 18, 2020

Define (or redefine) your role as a coach

This week I've had a bit of time to look at the social media challenges designed by Eduro Learning.  These challenges are intended to be used as Resolutions for Coaches for the New Year.  Resolution #1 is about redefining your role.  As the downloadable resource explains, a big challenge as a coach is to define your role not only for yourself but for your whole school community.  In many schools the position of a coach is a new one, and many coaches don't even have job descriptions that accurately encompass all that they do.  A video is provided as part of Resolution #1 where Kim Cofino defines the 5 key roles as a coach:
  1. being a listener
  2. being an advocate for teacher needs
  3. being a content area expert
  4. being a partner in learning
  5. being a data collector
I sent my 3 takeaways from this video to Tricia at Eduro Learning and she kindly made these into lovely images which I'm sharing here.

You can get your free copy of the Coach Better Resolutions by following this link.  You can also check out the Coach Better TV that contains a myriad of resources to help you in your coaching journey as well as information about all the great professional development on offer from Eduro Learning.

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