Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A Virtual Learning Action Plan for School Leaders

After months of lockdown and doing very little, I've had a busy few weeks recently. I've led 4 IB workshops at schools around Europe as well as several online on-demand workshops. These on-demands are new: as many workshops leaders cannot travel to schools to lead face to face workshops, the online platform has been adapted so that teachers from a single school can do an online workshop together. I've also been involved in virtual school visits - both to authorise and evaluate schools, and I'm soon going to leading workshops "live" using Zoom or other platforms as well. The times are changing and hopefully I'm changing with them! Recently I've also been involved in developing a new resource for Toddle. This is a virtual learning action plan aimed at school leaders that contains a downloadable review tool that leaders can use to consider an action plan that is aimed at supporting students, empowering teachers and partnering with parents during these uncertain times.

The inspiration for this came from a post on Twitter from @jaydostal who wrote:
School is important during this crisis, but not as important as the needs of our families who are experiencing anxiety and fear as we develop our new normal. Our kids and families need us more than ever to model social and emotional learning before content.
This tweet got me thinking about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how it connects with the work that school leaders do.  The wonderful graphic design folk at Twitter turned my thinking into this great graphic.  In my opinion, Maslow's Hierarchy has become even more important at this time of global pandemic.

The resource considers the effective use of technology and also give some guidelines on returning to school after virtual learning.  Please click here to access the action plan.

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