Tuesday, March 15, 2022


 I'm still playing catch up with ToddleTIES.  I wan't able to attend the Masterclass session Being known, loved, safe, and successful - The role of collaboration in inclusion by Ochan Kusuma Powell and Jennifer Wong-Powell because of the time difference - but how great that I could listen to it today instead.  So much of this resonated with me but I was especially interested in this slide where Ochan explained about the Chinese word for listening.  

I love the way the Chinese character is broken down into so many of the important parts involved in listening - using your ears to hear what is being said, using your eyes to see the body language of the person who is saying it, giving your undivided attention to the person speaking, using your mind to think and using your heart to hear.  

Note:  there is no symbol for mouth!  Listening does not involve thinking about what we are going to say next!

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