Sunday, December 27, 2009

Powerful Personal Learning Networks

I've had a personal learning network for about a year now. This network is made up mostly of teachers with some librarians from many countries around the world (Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, Australia, the USA, Holland etc). The vast majority of these people are teachers I have never personally worked with, though some I have met at conferences. I built this network by following just a few people using Twitter and then following others who made interesting tweets. I think it is true to say that I have learnt more from my PLN in the past year than I have by attending conferences for most of my teaching career (though I did love the Apple Institute last year in Chiang Mai - that surely must be the best one ever!). Almost every day I get to read an interesting blog post, or watch a thought-provoking video or slideshow, or perhaps listen to a podcast. Next year at school I am definitely going to recommend to other teachers that they start to "grow" their own PLNs too.

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  1. Encouraging other teachers to build a PLN is a gift indeed. I hope they take you up on it. I feel the same about the PLN I have built up. They are a source for on demand learning, support, and fun.