Monday, August 9, 2010

He who learns from one who is learning, drinks from a flowing river - Native American Proverb GTAUK part 2

I loved the fact that at the GTAUK we were all called learners.  Even the leaders of the different sessions were called “Lead Learners” showing that we are all learning from each other.  This philosophy ties in with the IB Learner Profile that applies to everyone in the IB World Schools:  students, teachers, administrators and even parents.  So often in the various sessions the lead learners talked about their learning journeys, the things they are trying out, what has worked and what hasn’t and what they have learnt from these experiences.  I definitely have the feeling that I want to jump into the river and go wherever it is flowing!

Photo Credit:  Sip by Jenah Crump Photography

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  1. What a great quote! Living a life of learning is so important, as teachers we need to continually learn so that we can better understand what it feels like to be a learner, with all of the successes and failures that can accompany it!