Monday, August 9, 2010

Look a few more turns down the road - GTAUK part 3

Some of the most important statements made in the GTAUK were made right at the start of the first day.  In the opening session these were the statements that made the most impression on me:

·      Focus on the student and all else will follow
·      It's best to teach a few things really, really well
·      Fast is better than slow
·      The need for information crosses all borders
·      Great just isn't good enough
·      You don't need to be in school to learn

For me it’s important to have one or two new tools to take back to my school and to focus on these, to introduce these to our teachers and have them understand the potential for using them in their classrooms, and then later on to introduce a few more.  We were told to think about our teaching the way that racing car drivers think about their driving:  they don’t just look at the next bend but have to look a few more turns down the road at what is coming, so that they can get into the right position and prepare for what is to come.    As teachers we shouldn’t just focus on what we can use on Monday, but we need to think about what we can use next year and then the year after that.  We were told:  "with science and the human heart there is no limit"

Photo Credit:  BMW E46 M3 by Pibmak

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  1. I like "the need for information crosses all boarders". That sums up education well!