Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Panoramas: AutoStitch and 360 Panorama

Today I decided to follow up on from a comment I received after my post last week about apps for taking photos with the iPhone.  Thanks Britt for recommending 360 Panorama.  I'm posting the photo from this week and the photo from last week to compare.  Of course last week the sky was an amazing colour - and that was reflected in the lake.  Today it was more of a grey, overcast and snowy day.

The interesting thing about 360 Panorama is that it doesn't feel like you are taking photographs, or even a series of photos - it's more like taking a movie.  The resulting photo isn't a nice straight photo, but appears stretched at the edges and it's necessary to crop it.  Despite that, I feel it took a good photo - though I will need to wait for another sunny day to check out how it actually looks with bright colours.  For using with primary students I would probably be tempted to use AutoStitch, simply because you can snap as many overlapping photos as you like, whereas with 360 Panorama you need to pan carefully and watch as the different parts of the picture appear on the screen.

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