Thursday, August 23, 2012

One laptop per child

My new school is a 1:1 laptop school from Grade 3 upwards, with BYOD from Grade 4.  As well as this the elementary school has just moved to an amazing new purpose-built campus that has been designed as a 21st century learning space..   I've spent the past couple of weeks immersed in many of the start-up issues associated with these transitions and have been impressed by the "can do" attitude - if we have a problem with something we work on it until we find a solution.  In fact problems are challenges and opportunities for us that push us forward in our learning.

As we have pretty much one laptop per student for most of the school, I got to think about another programme, launched 7 years ago, to produce and distribute inexpensive laptops to students in developing countries.  The aim was to empower some of the poorest children in the world through education.  It was hoped that this programme would develop a passion for learning, and the opportunity to pursue that passion. The programme recognises that the world is changing rapidly and that students need to be prepared for this:
The root cause of the rapid change, digital technology, also provides a solution. When every child has a connected laptop, they have in their hands the key to full development and participation. Limits are erased as they can learn to work with others around the world, to access high-quality, modern materials, to engage their passions and develop their expertise.
To date, about two and a half million of these laptops have been distributed worldwide.  The infographic below highlights some of the accomplishments.  

One Laptop Per Child 7 Years Later
This infographic was produced by Online Colleges

Photo Credit:  India Girls by One Laptop Per Child, 2008 Attribution

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