Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teaching with Tablets

Over the past few months I've heard from friends who are working at schools where iPads have been trialed as a 1:1 device with students.  A couple of these schools have decided that they would go forward with these devices, and in some cases will not provide laptops or netbooks for students this year.  My own school did a similar study last year and came to very different conclusions:  that since we already have a 1:1 laptop programme, moving to iPads would be a step backwards - that for the type of things that our students were creating to show their understanding, an iPad would limit them..  Our BYOD students have been told that iPads and netbooks don't meet the specifications, they need to bring a laptop.  Teachers this year have been able to register 2 devices and many have chosen iPads as their second device.  I find my iPad really useful as a second device too - there are some things that I only choose to do on an iPad now, for example using the Kindle Cloud Reader and photo editing.  I have written a few blog posts on my iPad, but it's definitely easier to use a keyboard for writing, so mostly I choose to post from my laptop.  I prefer using the Facebook app and reading the BBC news on my iPad, but I prefer reading my mail on my laptop.  Different horses for different courses.

The infographic below is interesting, though, so I thought I'd share it.

Teaching With Tablets

Photo Credit:  Student iPad School by Brad Flickinger, 2012  Attribution

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