Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giving Back

Today was a really special day!  A couple of weekends ago at the Google Summit that was hosted at ASB I ran two sessions about taking and editing photos and turning them into an eBook.  We took a photographic walk through a local neighbourhood close to the school, photographing the colours, shapes, textures, patterns and light - and lots and lots of photographs of the local people. Following our previous Day 9 experiences with photography, I was keen to print out, laminate and give these photographs back to the people.  Today it was such a joy to walk back into the village with the photographs those people in my sessions took to see if we could find the people in our photos - some were very easy to spot as they are wearing the same clothes that we had in the photo.  My sessions at the Google Summit were entitled Powerful Photography, and today I saw just how powerful photography can be - especially when seeing the surprise and pleasure on the people's faces when we gave them back their photographs.

By the way I have tried for the past few days to get this slideshow/eBook to play on Chrome, but I'm still having problems viewing it.  It works on Safari and Firefox.  It is slow to load the photos - but please persist and be patient - they really are worth it!

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