Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not watching - but interacting

I love sharing new tools and this week at the Flipping Classrooms workshop I was running I was suggested 2 new tools by Jon Bergmann of Flipped Learning, who Skyped in to talk with our participants.  Typically people think about the flipped classroom model as a system where teachers make videos for students to watch at home, so that they have mastered the content before they come to the lesson.  The time at home is spent on the lower levels of Bloom's Taxonomy (remembering and understanding) and the time in school is spent working on the more higher-order thinking skills with the teacher's assistance.  One of the things that Jon talked about in his call to us was moving away from the idea of watching videos and moving towards the idea of interacting with them.

He shared 2 tools for interacting with videos that I had never heard of before and now I want to share these with you too.  The workshop participants found Zaption to be especially useful.



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