Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blogging and job satisfaction

Last week at our R&D Meeting we formed new task forces for 2015.  There were many options - such as gender equity education, wearable technology, social entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Unschooling, data visualization and learning analytics, STEM and gender and apprenticeships.  I chose recruitment, which I have been fascinated to learn more about since being a part of the Global Recruitment Collaborative team.  I have often thought that there are better ways to recruit teachers than going the traditional job fair route - now I'm hoping to delve deeper into the whole "war for talent".  More about this in upcoming blog posts.

Today I was looking through the Harvard Business Review to try to get more background on recruiting in general.  As I did this I came across an article about Competing on Talent Analytics, which in turn led me to the following statement:
Cognizant, a U.S.-based professional services firm with many employees in India, analyzed social media contributions, particularly blogs. It found that bloggers were more engaged and satisfied than others and performed about 10% better, on average.
I have always maintained that blogging has numerous advantages for educators, but I was interested to read this has now been quantified.  Thanks once again to the 700,000 + people who read my blog and encourage me - it's good to know that you are also contributing to my job satisfaction and performance.

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